‘Election Ear’ 2011 Primary Super-Issue


Here’s the truth: For this year’s primary election, preposterously low voter turnout is not only predicted, but counted on by the city’s political machinery, which expects to assert its will with minimal interference.

But this election matters, dagnabbit, and it’s fascinating — not because it’s supposed to be but because it really, truly is. No fewer than five City Council seats are utterly up for grabs, largely due to Council members retiring in the face of possible defeat because of their enrollment in DROP. As many as six more seats are hotly contested. Into this mix throw a battle, nearly Shakespearean in its intrigue and complexity, between Mayor Michael Nutter and various political forces over the City Council presidency; an unheard-of rebellion within the Republican Party; and an energetic attempt by reformers to throw a wrench — or, rather, themselves — into the Democratic machine in a bold attempt to thwart it. You should consider yourself lucky: All you’ve got to do to get in on the action is vote on Tuesday.

And if you voted in ’08 — and we bet you did — and didn’t move, you’re registered to vote on May 17, even if you’ve done doodly-squat since.

[Read the full issue here]

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